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Companies that use a mix of emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage their supply chains are due for an update. Transportation management software is an important part of any business that ships or receives raw materials or finished products. It’s time to get rid of the inaccurate spreadsheets and clunky shipping procedures that have impaired your logistics and shipping for so long. Sheer Logistics has a better way to organize your supply chains and improve the movement of goods.

Whether you have had a negative TMS implementation experience in the past or have been operating without a TMS at all, Sheer has the scalable logistics technology solutions you need to reduce costs, gain visibility, create efficiencies and create a platform for continuous improvement in your supply chain.

With our Sheer TMS technology, you have instant access to:

  • Real-time track & trace
  • Exception management via location and status alerts
  • Carrier connectivity to all modes (EDI, APIs & text)
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Dock Scheduler
  • Vendor Portal
  • 24/7 Temperature Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Custom alerts and KPIs

Before Sheer, we owned our TMS ourselves and we were insourced. That process was very labor intensive.

– Director of Supply Chain Operations for a global leader in engineered materials

If you have been held back by concerns such as timing, internal resource constraints, challenges in connecting disparate systems or other obstacles, the Sheer team is here to help. We have a proven track record of successful implementations that drive tangible results.

  • Optimization

    5-20% annual reduction in transportation spend

  • Visibility

    3-12% increase in on-time delivery performance

  • Productivity

    15-50% improvement in loads planned on a daily basis

  • Time To Value

    10-30% improvement in forecasted internal ROI

They were upfront with the timeline and laid out every detail. It went really fast, and they did a great job.

– Executive Director of Logistics for a top protein processor

Modern Technology Drives the Shipping Industry

There’s a more efficient world out there driven by powerful, easy-to-use technology. Sheer can help you seamlessly integrate that technology into your infrastructure, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

What Is a TMS System?

Logistics management software includes specialized applications that optimize costs and services while increasing visibility into an entire chain. 3PL software shows you where freight and shipments are all along the supply chain, what their status is, and when they can be expected at their destination. Best of all, every transaction, every contract signed, and every mile driven generates data that can be analyzed and packaged to help your entire business make more strategic decisions.

If you need a transportation management software solution for your logistics, here are some benefits of TMS to consider:

Side view of worker on laptop looking over transportation management solutions

Reduced freight costs – Cost-effective shipping processes are easier to achieve with technology. A TMS allows you to not only compare carriers, but also assign scorecards to ensure your freight is shipped by the best carrier at the lowest rate.

Improved carrier management – Your cloud-based transportation management software holds all contracts and helps you find consolidation and optimization opportunities to further reduce your freight spend. Through the TMS, you can streamline the onboarding process for new carriers, manage contracted rates, lower carrier risk by monitoring performance, and quickly understand the market for your freight to make sure you get the best deal.

Simplified planning and execution – Freight optimization starts with your TMS solution. It does all the heavy lifting, from evaluating thousands of carrier alternatives in seconds to tracking shipments and automating the tendering process. This eliminates the inefficiencies and errors of a manual process.

Enhanced data use – A TMS does more than store and plan—it also helps you mine and evaluate data. In today’s world, data is power. Business intelligence is all about using data to easily find your company’s weaknesses, build on its strengths, and make strategic decisions that have an immediate, long-lasting effect.

Improved service levels – Imagine being able to pinpoint delivery times or remedy a shipping issue in a matter of minutes. TMS systems give you the real-time visibility and control you need to manage your shipments and deliver the immediate responses your customers have come to expect.

Why Sheer?

When a leading food processor was not getting the TMS functionality and technical support they needed from their logistics and TMS provider, they turned to Sheer Logistics for help. With operations spread across 10 warehouses and two manufacturing plants, the client not only needed better supply chain visibility, but also needed to ensure that implementing a new TMS would not be disruptive to their business operations. Read this client success story to learn how Sheer implemented the Sheer TMS is just six weeks, driving reduced costs, increased efficiency and overall supply chain performance improvements.

 “Cost was important because the Sheer TMS wasn’t purchased. We pay a monthly fee instead. This saves us a six figure dollar amount…Other companies charged $250,000-300,000 for implementation of other TMS systems.”

Executive Director of Logistics 

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