Managed Transportation Services for Shippers

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What Are Managed Transportation Services?

Managed Transportation Services (MTS), sometimes referred to as 4PL services, refer to a comprehensive outsourced solution for managing and optimizing an organization’s transportation and logistics functions. At Sheer Logistics, Managed Transportation Services are a core offering. In fact, Sheer was founded on the notion that mid-market shippers can reap tremendous benefits from MTS but have been underserved by MTS providers. Our MTS offering is supported by experienced logistics professionals and a best-in-class ecosystem of logistics technology, including the Sheer TMS and SheerExchange, our proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS). 

When you partner with Sheer Logistics, you can outsource as much or as little of your transportation and logistics functions to Sheer as you like. We act as an extension of your team, managing all the details, including carrier relationships, business intelligence and dedicated resources, letting you focus on running your business, not your logistics operations.  


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Weeks standard TMS and Managed Transportation implementation timeline


Established integrations with ERPs and point solutions 

Why Choose Sheer Logistics as Your 4PL Provider

  • Proven freight savings

  • Efficiency gains

  • Service improvements

  • Increased supply chain agility

  • Risk mitigation

  • Enhanced visibility & control

  • Actionable business intelligence

  • Continuous improvement

Best-In-Class Ecosystem of Logistics Technology

The Sheer TMS is core to our Managed Transportation Services offering. It’s  your ultimate solution for efficient, cost-effective, and streamlined transportation management. From Planning to reporting and insights, the Sheer TMS is an end-to-end solution that provides a full suite of tools for bringing order to your unique supply chain. Check out this brief overview, and if you are ready to leave emails, spreadsheets and underpowered TMS behind, contact us for a demo.

SheerExchange, our proprietary integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), makes integrating disparate systems, including ERP product suites, WMS, real-time transportation visibility platforms, fuel programs, ratings engines and more, quick and easy. Think of SheerExchange as a “universal translator” that can cleanse and aggregate your data in one central location, empowering you with the visibility and business intelligence you need to make timely decisions. With SheerExchange, we can have your TMS and Managed Transportation up and running in weeks, not months.

Why Shippers Love Us

Fully Managed Transportation

We’ll provide technology, resources, and business intelligence while managing all of your carrier relationships. You’ll sit back and focus on the rest of your business.

100% us.

Partially Managed Transportation

You’ll manage a portion of your loads with contract carriers while we manage the rest, providing technology, business intelligence, and dedicated resources along the way.

10% Us, 90% You 20% Us, 80% You 30% Us, 70% You 40% Us, 60% You 50% Us, 50% You 60% Us, 40% You 70% Us, 30% You 80% Us, 20% You 90% Us, 10% You

Just Technology and Support

We’ll integrate our TMS with your systems, helping you manage your own logistics and carrier network with cutting-edge technology and business intelligence.

Just our TMS

Signs That Your Company Can Benefit from Sheer’s Managed Transportation Services

  • You don‘t currently have a TMS, and relying on emails and spreadsheets to manage your logistics just isn’t cutting it.
  • You’re unhappy with your current TMS and/or Managed Transportation provider.
  • You’re experiencing rapid growth, and need solutions that are more scalable.
  • Your company is entering new markets, and need the support of an experienced partner.
  • Your process is inefficient, and you need technology and expertise to streamline your operations.
  • You are challenged with strategic and/or tactical talent shortages.
  • There are critical gaps in your vendor/carrier network.


Quite the opposite! One of the many benefits of Managed Transportation is enhanced visibility to data and access to business intelligence and analytics that actually give you greater control over your supply chain than ever.

That may have been true in the past, but our proprietary SheerExchange integration platform reduces the cost and complexity of implementing Managed Transportation and a TMS, putting it within reach of small and mid-market companies like never before.

Weeks, not months. Our standard implementation timeline is about 8 weeks.

Not a problem! The Sheer team handles most of the heavy lifting, so you don’t need to worry about internal IT resources and support.

Ready to learn more? Contact Sheer today.