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Understand Your Shipping With Freight Analytics and Reporting

Better strategic decisions start with better information and end with actionable analytics. Shipping and logistics produce mountains of data and what you do with this data can reduce your costs, uncover inefficiencies, and provide the tools you need to do business better.

Sheer Logistics is a managed transportation services provider that takes data seriously. Through our TMS applications, we can collect and analyze data that explains exactly what’s going on with your transportation and supply chains. 

“We want a long-term relationship and a partner, and Sheer understands the importance of strategy and trustworthiness.”

Director Of Supply Chain Operations, Sheer Client

Get a global view of costs – We tie the shipping expenses of different business units together so you have an accurate, real-time view of shipping costs.

Compare against benchmarks – Compare carrier performance with thorough data analysis.

Understand and mitigate discrepanciesBusiness intelligence tools expose discrepancies and provide the data you need to correct billing errors.

Make better decisions – There is nothing worse than making decisions in the dark. With complete, data-driven transportation analytics, you won’t have to.

Sheer Logistics provides a clear vision that enhances your transportation management. Our goal is to be your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner. Learn more about us or check out our philosophy and ethics.

Uncomplicate Your Logistics Carrier Management

Shipping and logistics really can be simple with the right technology and expertise. Sheer Logistics is the key to unlocking the insights and intelligence that are hiding behind your data. We are a data analytics and Tableau consultant that seamlessly integrates transportation analytics into your daily shipping routines. Let us show you how simple logistics can be.

We Represent a New Breed of Data Intelligence

Sheer Logistics is the perfect partner for businesses that want to make the most out of their data. Our transportation management solutions double as analytical tools that allow our clients to better manage their supply chains, regardless of how complicated or distant they are. Our solutions go way beyond traditional fulfillment services. We deliver the business intelligence you need to make better informed strategic decisions.

How does freight management make your company better? Our complete guide to freight management is your introduction to what an experienced logistics provider can deliver, including lower costs, intelligent shipping, and flexible supply chains that support your entire organization.

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Transportation Analytics With a High IQ

Logistics is one area of your business that never rests. No matter how you handle shipping, chances are your processes were born of necessity. The days of managing your shipping with spreadsheets and ineffective processes are over. Sheer provides instant access to information and insights that allow you to review how you deliver your products. Through logical, insightful, easy-to-use reporting from accurate data, you can make better informed decisions, expand logically, and accomplish important business goals.

Powered by Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art logistics manager system offers real-time transportation network visibility, analytical support, and global supply chain network optimization that delivers value and performance.

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The Sheer Difference

Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.