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Intermodal freight transportation incorporates a wide variety of transport modes to move products domestically and internationally. “Intermodal” describes the relationship between trucks, trains, ships, and air freight to find the quickest and most efficient method. Businesses often opt for intermodal forms of shipping when freight needs to travel long distances and the shipper wants to eliminate handling, which in turn can lower costs. And intermodal freight isn’t simply for one-off shipments either. Sheer Logistics can incorporate intermodal services as part of an overall shipping and logistics strategy through our intermodal brokerage services. 

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Intermodal freight shipping is just one of the dynamic shipping solutions we offer our freight brokerage and managed transportation clients. Sheer simplifies your shipping experience and takes the guesswork out of getting your products where they need to go, so all you have to concentrate on is how to improve your business. Some of the key features of our intermodal freight brokerage include:

  • Free shipping estimates – Many businesses focus on making the sale first and figuring out the logistics later. If you find this is true more often than not, give us a call and we handle it. 
  • A global reach – We leverage our extensive network of carriers to find the best deal for you.
  • Shipment status tracking – You always know where your shipment is and its current status through real-time reporting.

Sheer Logistics provides a clear vision that enhances your transportation management. Our goal is to be your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner. Learn more about us or check out our philosophy and ethics.

Your transportation management system is the backbone of your logistics. Cloud-based TMS solutions have made it more affordable for smaller businesses to leverage powerful tools to manage and analyze their supply chains. Integration is the key. Sheer Logistics offers TMS integration services to make sure you deploy these solutions seamlessly with your existing systems.

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Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

Cost Effective

Intermodal shipping is ideal for long-distance shipping since it uses multiple shipping methods. When cargo is shipped over rail or on container ships, it cuts overall costs and uses fewer resources. Carriers also offer low rates and predictable pricing when long-distance shipments can be consolidated into large shipments.


Intermodal shipping eliminates direct handling of your cargo and keeps it separate from other shipments. Ship intermodal containers are sealed at the point of shipment and unsealed when they reach their destination. This means fewer material damages and losses and that your freight will reach its destination exactly as you intend it to. 


Some shipments require personalized attention, and when you come to Sheer Logistics with unique shipping requirements, we always deliver. Intermodal freight is one way we apply customizable solutions to complex real-world shipping needs.

How does freight management make your company better? Our complete guide to freight management is your introduction to what an experienced logistics provider can deliver, including lower costs, intelligent shipping, and flexible supply chains that support your entire organization.

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An intermodal freight broker specializes in coordinating the movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation, such as truck, rail, ship, and air. They arrange the logistics of shipping cargo from origin to destination, utilizing various carriers and modes to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether intermodal shipping is right for your company depends on several factors including the nature of your goods, distance, time constraints, and cost considerations. Intermodal can be beneficial for companies shipping large volumes over long distances, seeking cost savings and environmental benefits. However, it may not be suitable for time-sensitive shipments or those requiring specialized handling. Consulting with a logistics expert like Sheer can help determine if intermodal shipping aligns with your company’s needs and goals.

Overall, intermodal freight offers a more integrated, efficient, and flexible approach to transporting goods compared to traditional methods, which often rely on single-mode transport and may be less adaptable to changing logistics needs.

Challenges and limitations of intermodal freight include complexities in coordination between different modes of transportation, potential disruptions in supply chains due to varying infrastructure standards across regions, and the need for significant investment in intermodal terminals and equipment. Additionally, regulatory and administrative barriers can hinder the seamless movement of goods, and specialized handling requirements for certain types of cargo may pose logistical challenges.

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