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The power of data science in supply chain management

The Importance of Supply Chain Predictive Analytics

Supply chains are complex things. The slightest anomaly or change in one area can create a butterfly effect that creates major issues elsewhere. While communication and visibility are key, analytics plays an important role in delivering a reliable, efficient experience. Suppliers, vendors, buyers, carriers, agents, and managers have to work in unison to make sure goods reach their destination on time and in perfect condition. During this process, a large amount of data is created due to factors such as:

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Analytics is an activity that encourages a brighter future. By using supply chain analytics effectively, businesses can ensure and control the overall efficiency of their supply chains. These advantages are deep-rooted and the cost savings can be enduring as long as the company uses accurate information effectively. Analytics is critical to achieving growth because it improves operational efficiency.

SheerExchange Makes Accurate Analytics Possible

Sheer Logistics is the perfect partner for businesses that want to make the most out of their data. SheerExchange acts as a funnel that translates data from real-time transportation visibility platforms (project44, Trucker Tools, MacroPoint), predictive data analytics and reporting tools (Snowflake, Tableau, NewCo) and Internet of Things integration and transformation. Together, all these analytic software programs generate mountains of data that require advanced integration.

We use SheerExchange to simplify the data collecting process so you have the comprehensive visibility you need to unearth opportunities to grow and improve your logistics.

Uncomplicate Supply Chain Planning and Analytics

Sheer Logistics is the key to unlocking the insights and intelligence hiding within your data. We are a data analytics and Tableau consultant that seamlessly integrates transportation analytics into your daily shipping routines. Let us show you how simple logistics can be. Reach out to us today for a free demonstration of what we can do.

Making Use of Supply Chain Predictive Analytic

Analytics are powerful business tools, but they are worthless if you can’t put together the whole picture. While internal real time data is easy to find and compile, external data like the status of purchase orders and delivery information from carriers are the true inputs that take data analytics to the next level. SheerExchange fills in these gaps to provide a seamless data collection platform for complete, accurate reporting.

Data Driven Supply Chain Planning and Analytics With a High IQ

Through logical, insightful, easy-to-use reporting from accurate data, you can make better-informed decisions, expand logically, and accomplish important business goals. Not all supply chains are the same, which means not every solution will work. By using supply chain analytics effectively, businesses increase the overall efficiency of their supply chain. This allows them to enjoy substantial cost savings, control their inventory more accurately, and keep operational costs down through increased efficiency.

More and more companies are using supply chain analytics to control their daily supply chain operations. A supply chain platform is usually the repository for shipment lead times, inventory levels, information relating to order fulfillment, and other critical data. Sheer Logistics is a transportation management provider that understands the role that technology plays, and we leverage the latest transportation management software for every client.

The advantages of supply chain analytics are deep-rooted and long-lasting if a company chooses to use it effectively. Supply chain analytics provides much-needed comprehensive visibility of the supply chain operation and helps the company unearth opportunities for improvements in its business process coupled with foresight into the future.

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