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Founded in 2009, Sheer Logistics is a premier provider of logistics and supply chain management solutions purpose-built for mid-market companies. With strategically placed offices across the United States and Mexico, Sheer Logistics is your gateway to logistics and transportation solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. Sheer Logistics offers customized solutions that help shippers optimize their supply chains, reduce costs, and improve efficiency while gaining visibility to actionable business intelligence that empowers informed decision-making.

Sheer’s services include  4PL Managed Transportation, 3PL Logistics Services, Sheer TMS, the SheerExchange Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), supply chain consulting, value-added logistics solutions, brokerage services and more. By leveraging leading technology and a team of experienced professionals across the U.S. and Mexico, Sheer Logistics provides shippers with the tools and expertise they need to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace and drive profitable growth.


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Services Provided from Our Atlanta Office

  • Managed Transportation Services

  • Sheer TMS

  • Integrations powered by SheerExchange

  • Optimization, consolidation, multi-stop truckload, drop tralier programs, and more

  • Freight Brokerage

Sheer Logistics – Atlanta

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Alpharetta, GA 30009

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Josh McDonald

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Sheer’s Atlanta office is an operational hub that provides 3PL brokerage services, including full truck-load dryvan, temperature-controlled, flatbed, heavy-haul, and expedite.

Our Sheer Atlanta office ensures efficiency and reliability through the use of advanced technology, strict carrier qualification, communication, and continuous improvement with robust data and analytics.

Sheer Logistics utilizes advanced technology solutions such as Transportation Management Systems (SheerTMS) with EDI, API, and GPS tracking to efficiently track and manage shipments. The SheerTMS enables real-time visibility into shipments, while GPS tracking ensures precise location monitoring for reliable and timely deliveries.

What sets Sheer Logistics apart from other 3PL providers in Atlanta is our dedication to personalized service. Our Atlanta team leverages operational offices across the US and Mexico to provide solutions tailored to each client’s unique supply chain needs.

Sheer Logistics maintains strict compliance with regulations and safety standards in Atlanta’s logistics landscape through rigorous carrier vetting, continuous monitoring, and up-to-date knowledge of industry regulations. Our focus on safety protocols and adherence to best practices ensures a secure and compliant logistics operation.