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When your freight needs to stay within a 5-degree window, call on Sheer Logistics.

We Are the Refrigerated Freight Brokers Your Business Can Rely On

Temperature-controlled shipping, when done right, is an example of logistics that is finely tuned and perfectly executed. It’s easy to let a regular shipment sit on a warehouse dock overnight or allow a slow cross dock midstream, but with refrigerated freight, even small delays can jeopardize the shipment and make the difference between delivered products and destroyed products. 

“What companies like ours care about is accountability, accuracy, and completeness—and Sheer displays that.”

Director Of Logistics And Transportation For A Sheer Client

Sheer Logistics’s refrigerated freight brokers understand what’s at stake when your products don’t stay within a specific temperature range. Our two decades of combined experience have taught us that when it comes to products that need to be temperature-controlled, shipping is the most critical factor when you need to prioritize quality. We handle full truckload refrigerated shipping and LTL shipments so you spend less but still receive the customized refrigerated transportation your business needs.

Sheer Logistics provides a clear vision that enhances your transportation management. Our goal is to be your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner. Learn more about us or check out our philosophy and ethics.

Your transportation management system is the backbone of your logistics. Cloud-based TMS solutions have made it more affordable for smaller businesses to leverage powerful tools to manage and analyze their supply chains. Integration is the key. Sheer Logistics offers TMS integration services to make sure you deploy these solutions seamlessly with your existing systems.

Maximize Shelf Life

You want your product to arrive at its destination in the same condition that you shipped it. We have the complex temperature-controlled shipping process down to an exact science, not simply because it makes us the best in the business, but because our expertise is what makes sure your shipment suffers no loss of quality from the moment it leaves your facility to the moment it reaches its destination.

Meet Strict Refrigerated Trucking Standards

Frozen foods must be kept at exact temperatures from beginning to end. Our shipping services allow full visibility into your shipment so you know exactly where it is and when it will get where it needs to go.

Like a Member of Your Team

An internal search for refrigerated LTL freight and temperature-controlled shipping should focus on a solution that meets your exact business needs. At Sheer, our goal is to approach those same shipping issues in the same way. Leverage our brainpower for refrigerated shipping solutions that make you more efficient all along your supply chain.

Why Turn to Sheer Logistics for Your Refrigerated Shipping?


The Sheer team is always focused on best practices and cutting-edge technology. This means when we approach your logistics needs, we do so with the best tools and years of industry experience. Our goal is to solve your shipping issues, which holds us accountable for every decision we make. 


“Good enough” never works with shipping. When you are shipping perishable items that need to maintain an exact temperature from beginning to end, accuracy is especially important.  


The only way our business works is through trust. Trust means that we are transparent in our decisions and that we always have your best interests in mind. Trust is the most important element of anything we do and we will work every day to earn and maintain your trust.

How does freight management make your company better? Our complete guide to freight management is your introduction to what an experienced logistics provider can deliver, including lower costs, intelligent shipping, and flexible supply chains that support your entire organization.

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The Sheer Team has decades of combined experience with technology and industry solutions.

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The Sheer Difference

Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.