MercuryGate TMS Software

Fully Manage and Control Shipments and Carriers

A certified MercuryGate reseller, Sheer Logistics leverages the latest transportation management technology for your business.

It’s Time for a Technology Upgrade With MercuryGate TMS Software

Technology is the future of logistics. It’s no secret that the majority of shippers control their supply chains through spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. While this may be the way it’s been done for years, the reality is that these systems are inaccurate, unreliable, and prone to human error.

The MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS) is a powerful tool that automates the full transportation lifecycle, allows you to fully manage and control carrier contracts and scorecards, and delivers the granular data your business needs to improve and grow.

“We want a long-term relationship and a partner, and Sheer understands the importance of strategy and trustworthiness.”

Director Of Supply Chain Operations, Sheer Client

Dedicated Customer and Vendor Portals

Dedicated portals allow you to offer full visibility into your customers’ shipments and give them power tracking and shipment status tools as well as the ability to instantly communicate with shippers.

Contract Management

Fully document transportation contracts so you can review pricing and terms at your fingertips. Knowledge is power and when every shipment counts, MercuryGate is a powerful, time-saving platform.

Bypass Traditional Carrier Limitations

MercuryGate TMS easily integrates with freight brokers, which means Sheer can easily communicate with you and ensure total control over all supply chain operations. Agent delegation is an automated process when you need to rely on 3PL providers for shipping.

Visibility at All Levels

While organization and communication are important, nothing sets the MercuryGate TMS apart like the controlled visibility and reporting tools it provides. Now you know, at a glance, all shipping information across your entire enterprise so you can better meet customer demands.

Rich Features and Accurate Reporting

Your business needs reliable tools, and when it comes to your logistics and supply chain, nothing is more powerful than the combination of Sheer Logistics and MercuryGate TMS software. When you are ready for a modern, agile TMS system, reach out to Sheer.

Leverage Our Experience

No other TMS Partner can deliver MercuryGate TMS software expertise like Sheer. Our staff is composed of former programmers and developers from MercuryGate, meaning we have unique insight into how a TMS application will integrate with your systems, unparalleled training so your staff can hit the ground running, and knowledgeable support so you have maximum uptime. Our experience as a freight brokerage and managed transportation provider is the perfect complement to powerful TMS technology.

MercuryGate Consulting

Sheer Logistics is proud to be a MercuryGate Partner Integrator. This distinction makes us one of only a few companies that MercuryGate selects to implement their full suite of products.

A MercuryGate integration can be complicated, and the bigger the company, the more complex the integration will be. While MercuryGate is an amazing tool, every business is created differently. At Sheer, we see the bigger picture and the granular impact of how a new TMS tool changes the day-to-day operations of a business. Our deep product knowledge allows you to use MercuryGate to its fullest potential.

Meet Our Team

The Sheer team has decades of combined experience with TMS technology and logistics industry solutions.

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