Food and Beverage Logistics

Strategic transportation solutions for food & beverage producers and distributors

Food and beverage logistics is the process of managing the flow of goods in the food and beverage industry from the point of origin (such as farms, manufacturers, or suppliers) to the final consumer. This involves a series of coordinated activities and processes to ensure that food and beverages are transported, stored, and delivered efficiently, safely, and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Sheer Logistics helps shippers in the food and beverage industry by providing comprehensive transportation solutions that ensure products are moved efficiently and safely from their origin to the final consumer. We offer specialized services including temperature-controlled transportation, real-time tracking, and inventory management to maintain product quality and safety. Our expert team navigates regulatory compliance, optimizes supply chain operations, and utilizes advanced technology like SheerTMS and SheerExchange to streamline logistics processes, ultimately delivering fresh, high-quality food and beverages while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. With Sheer Logistics, shippers can trust that their products are in capable hands every step of the way.

Carrier Network

Not all carriers are created equal. Sheer maintains relationships with a curated pool of high-performance carriers with the right equipment and experience to haul food & beverage shipments. When you partner with Sheer, we ensure you have access to the right capacity when and where you need it.


Our team of logistics experts has extensive experience serving the unique and often complex needs of food and beverage producers.


Sheer’s plan for success begins long before your load is picked up. We conduct systematic carrier vetting to ensure that the right carrier is hauling your freight, every time. Once in transit, we closely track each and every shipment throughout its journey, keeping you apprised with updates along the way.


Sheer was founded as a strategic managed trasnportation solutions provider and continues to excel in delivering holistic, tech-driven solutions to our clients. We leverage an industry leading TMS platform, enhanced by our proprietary  SheerExchange middleware which allows us to integrate with your existing systems, databases, and best-in-class third-party tech providers.

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Sheer hauls wide variety of food and beverage products for our customers, including: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, bottled water and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, ice cream, frozen foods, canned goods, bakery products, seafood and more. We also haul bulk ingredients such as grains, flours, sugars and other bulk items used in food production.

Sheer ensures food freshness and safety by using reliable carriers, temperature monitoring, and appropriate handling procedures to prevent spoilage and contamination. We adhere to strict hygiene standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring drivers and staff are trained in food safety protocols.

Sheer does not own warehouses, however can connect clients to our network of warehousing partners.

Sheer Logistics helps with compliance and regulatory requirements in the food and beverage industry by ensuring that all transportation processes adhere to local, national, and international standards. We provide expertise in navigating regulations related to food safety, packaging, labeling, and temperature control, helping to mitigate risks and ensure legal compliance throughout the supply chain.