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Not sure where to start with your shipments to Mexico, Canada, or overseas? We have you covered.

North American Supply Chain Solutions

Mexico and Canada are important international shipping markets for U.S.-based companies, but it’s a challenge to take advantage of these markets if you don’t have the right international logistics policy in place. North American logistics can be a mystery to businesses that have never encountered it. Even companies that are currently shipping internationally encounter higher costs.

“A trustworthy relationship is dependent on understanding what success looks like from both sides, which requires being honest about what each company’s agenda looks like and trusting that one side won’t drag the other into a situation that doesn’t fit. There are no hidden agendas. ”

–Director Of Logistics And Transportation For A Sheer Client

Cross-Border Freight Companies are Not Created Equal

Inefficient shipping and outdated processes are a major expense for businesses that rely on logistics and shipping. As supply chains get more complex, expenses grow, and companies that are unable to adapt may find their shipping costs spiraling out of control. International shipping adds layers of complexity with the volume of instructions, requirements, and documents that need to be flawlessly prepared before your shipment approaches any border.

The answer lies in a dedicated shipping partner with the knowledge, technology, and experience to streamline international shipping and transform the process into a common-sense routine, making your international business simple and profitable.


At Sheer, we use transportation management systems that align logistics with every corner of your business. This helps international shipping immensely as it ensures paperwork is correct, and any issues are handled before the shipment leaves the dock.

Shipping Know-How

Cross-border freight companies add value through years of shipping experience. The additional challenges of international shipments need an experienced hand to guide them through the nuances of customs and border crossings.

Avoid Costly Delays at the Mexico Border

Shipping to and from Mexico can be tricky. Without the proper preparation, your shipment might be delayed days or weeks. Our Sheer Logistics branch office in Laredo, Texas, keeps your freight moving through one of the busiest ports of entry in and out of Mexico. We use certified carriers, trustworthy drayage carriers, and proven cross-border processes to securely get your shipment across the border cost-efficiently. With real-time shipping tools, you know the status of every shipment at all times.

Side view of a truck going through border crossing
Overhead view of the border crossing at port huron

Expert Commercial Shipping To and From Canada

With decades of international shipping experience, Sheer Logistics is the perfect solution when you need to get your shipments into or out of Canada. We understand Canadian and U.S. customs procedures, and each shipment is carefully planned out using proven industry best practices. Sheer Logistics makes shipping to Canada seamless and simple, and whether you need one shipment or 100, our services provide an expert resource for all your international shipping needs.

Sheer Logistics: Your Secret Ingredient to International Shipping Success

If your business has wanted to take advantage of international markets but didn’t have the capacity to ship internationally, or if you want to enhance your international shipping, Sheer Logistics has the knowledge, the technology, and the experience to develop a shipping strategy that allows you to easily meet customer expectations. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we put that knowledge to work.

Where Your Freight is Going, You Don’t Need Roads

Most 3PL companies stick to trucks as their single mode of transportation. Over the road trucking is the lifeblood of any North American logistics strategy, but businesses wanting to expand internationally need to explore multi-modal shipping options. This is where Sheer Logistics lives up to its reputation as a complete shipping and supply chain authority. We use our considerable resources to develop an international shipping strategy that gets your products where they need to go quickly, efficiently, and safely. Our approach builds an international supply chain that becomes an important business advantage, allowing you to expand your reach, deliver to new and exciting markets, and grow exponentially.

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