Freight Claims Management and Processing Services

It’s Time for a Centralized Process

Centralized, transparent, and professional, our freight claims processes management protect your property and your rights.

Professional, Logical Freight Claims Management

There are so many variables that go into shipping that damage and loss, while improbable, do happen. At Sheer Logistics, we help our shippers with filing and managing freight claims. In fact, we are a full-service logistics claims manager. Once you file a freight claim, we follow each case from beginning to end to completely free your resources from the process, protect your shipping investment, and increase your dollars recovered. 

Sheer Logistics approaches claims management as an essential element of a complete managed transportation service with the goal of successfully resolving disputes and freight claims. Our combined years of logistics experience help us navigate complicated claims with the latest TMS technology to give you the visibility you need for every claim and every shipment. 

  • Our TMS provides detailed reporting by carrier, cause, product, and other customizable data
  • Enhanced performance measurements by carrier
  • A centralized, consistent process that shows claim status for departments across your company
  • Real-time updates so you understand the status of each claim

“A trustworthy relationship is dependent on understanding what success looks like from both sides, which requires being honest about what each company’s agenda looks like and trusting that one side won’t drag the other into a situation that doesn’t fit. There are no hidden agendas.”

Director Of Logistics And Transportation For A Sheer Client

Increase Recovery

We cultivate relationships with each of our carriers, we understand their dispute resolution processes, and we follow every claim through to the very end.

Maintain Carrier Relationships

Disputes and logistics recovery claims are tricky—while they are not uncommon for carriers, there is a possibility for misunderstandings and miscommunication. Sheer handles it all.

Freight Claims Can Be Frustrating and Time Consuming

Rely on a professional to iron out the uncertainty of filing freight claims and follow them through to the end.

We Manage All Types of Logistics Claims

The intent of a freight claim is to reimburse the shipper if their cargo suffers loss or damage while in the care of a freight carrier. Claimants file to the carrier for financial reimbursement to recover costs, not profits, and this is an important distinction that shippers sometimes fail to realize. There are four main types of logistics claims:

Damage Claims

The majority of logistics claims are for products and materials that are damaged in shipment. Damage must be visible on delivery and noted on any proof of delivery.

Loss Claims

These claims are for shipments that do not make it to their destination and no proof of delivery was ever signed. 


If something falls out of a shipment or if there are errors in the bill of lading, the shipper files a shortage claim.  

Concealed Damage or Concealed Shortage

Concealed claims are when the shipper or consignee notes issues with the shipment after the proof of delivery has been signed. The main challenge with this claim is that the issues are only discovered once boxes are opened and pallets broken down.

Tracking freight claims management through technology

What Makes Transportation Management Different at Sheer Logistics?

We’re more proactive.

Using real-time data and business intelligence, we analyze and boost virtually every aspect of your logistics network before challenges come up.

We’re not a carrier.

That means zero conflict of interest. We’re your advocate in competitive bidding to ensure you get reliable carrier capacity at the right price.

We do our homework.

We assess your current technology and process flows so we can recommend TMS improvements that save you time and money.

Powered By Our Technology

Our state-of-the-art transportation management system offers real-time transportation network visibility, advanced reporting and analytics, and global supply chain network optimization that delivers value and performance.

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