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It’s a simple concept that some people work ridiculously hard to avoid. At Sheer, we deliver facts — numbers, reports, real data — and we form relationships based on trust. Because that’s the only way business works every day, long term, for everyone involved.

Our Truth

Our truth is built on transparency. Because having complete information allows clients to make better decisions. It saves time. It’s better for business, better for people, and ultimately better for the long-term relationships we cultivate. Our truth leads to extraordinary results. Information is power and we give it to our clients, because that’s what they deserve. We’re playing a long game, practicing honesty and mutual respect to help our clients thrive. Our truth is that both Sheer and our clients can win. We don’t believe in zero-sum strategies; we protect our clients’ business interests like our own. Because if they don’t win, we don’t either. And we don’t like losing. This is our truth.

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."

- Mark Twain

The Sheer Difference

CEO Joe Egertson provides details

We saw a gap in the way logistics companies were going to market—most were owned by carriers (trucking companies, brokerages or intermodal companies), which provided 3PL services and transportation management systems as a way to increase their core business as a carrier. Based on my experience with a 3PL on the carrier side, I knew what it was like to try and satisfy two masters—company and customer—and it’s a balancing act that’s impossible to pull off without conflict. So when we saw an opportunity to create a company based on transparency—our commitment to making sure customers always, without deviation, know what they’re paying for—we went after it. At Sheer, customers pay for services and people dedicated to working in their best interest vs. trying to balance with competing objectives to satisfy the carrier company’s bottom line.
We envisioned a company that would excite both the customer and the employee. We knew customers would appreciate our transparent approach, which eliminates questions around exactly who the vendor is trying to serve—customers like knowing that their transportation services vendor is aligned with their goals and objectives. On the employee side, we look for people who share our values and our commitment to transparency and customer focus because we see how it inspires them to produce results.
My wife Sandy and I were looking for a name that would incorporate what the company values: transparency, openness, visibility and strength. That led us to “sheer,” a word that perfectly describes how we want to do business. Seven years ago SheerTrans Solutions opened its doors to customers looking for deep and wide transportation and logistics expertise combined with transparency, agility and industry-leading performance.

Recently we’ve made an exciting evolution of our name and brand, from SheerTrans to Sheer. The new brand better reflects how we’ve built our entire business on Truth and Transparency.

 We operate on the principle of clear alignment with clients’ objectives.  Zero conflict of interest. Profitability that benefits everyone. Fairness and honest communication with our partners. Trust that builds relationships, fosters alliances and creates real business opportunities.

Bottom line, we believe our clients deserve a trusted partner who understands that logistics is more than a commodity, it’s a business strategy. And as a strategic partner, our mission – our pledge to our clients – is that we will always think logistically to deliver extraordinary results.
Our mission is to build trust and deliver extraordinary results. We will continue to grow our business aggressively to the benefit of our customers and employees by offering a unique and valuable product and an approach that rewards us well enough to fairly compensate the people who enable that growth—our employees.

As CEO, I believe wholeheartedly in the Sheer value proposition—that our clients deserve a partner who understands logistics is more than a commodity, it’s a business strategy. I believe in having clear alignment with customer objectives and no conflicts of interest. I also believe that customers want their partners to be profitable and will treat them fairly as long as they are treated fairly in return. The only way to build that kind of trust is to be open—and that means an open relationship both ways.
The Sheer team brings incredible commitment and a strong mix of strengths and capabilities to their work, which makes the company agile enough to support the rapid growth we’re experiencing. Our employees understand and show their support for our win-win philosophy by doing whatever it takes to deliver on our promise to customers. I’m most proud of our team because they put their hearts into the business and, as a result, we’re all growing in the same direction.

Anyone interested in working for Sheer should know what we expect: commitment, loyalty, integrity and passion. Customers tell us they appreciate our passion; and the honesty-integrity-loyalty combination is important because we can’t have people we don’t trust within the organization.

In return, employees can expect the company to deliver on our promise to share our success—we have a documented structure around that. Bottom line: when you join Sheer you join a family that will win or lose together. The good news: we’re winning.
As a Sheer client you can expect the highest level of integrity from our entire team—we will deliver what we promise and won’t promise what we can’t deliver. You can also expect the kind of agility and flexibility that only a team of our size can offer—a large corporation simply can’t move as quickly as we can. And of course, as our name suggests, customers can expect absolute, “sheer” visibility into who we are as a company: our products, capabilities, expertise, size and financial stability.
First, you should know that I’ve been in your shoes. I have acted as a carrier in the past, which means I understand the important components of a relationship between a 3PL and a carrier. I also understand the balance we have to bring in terms of what the client is looking for.

The marketplace is a dynamic environment—carriers need to know they’re being asked to price business based on their true capacity and true current pricing metrics. And while Sheer always looks for the best cost for our client, best cost is not always the lowest rate—many times it’s the best cost/service combination that drives down overall costs for the customer, so we’re willing to work with our carriers in partnership. We also understand the value of the dollar and the need to deliver what we promised to the carriers, whether that be in volume, in payment terms or in our pricing.
“A trustworthy relationship is dependent on understanding what success looks like from both sides, which requires being honest about what each company’s agenda looks like and trusting that one side won’t drag the other into a situation that doesn’t fit. There are no hidden agendas.“

- Director of Logistics and Transportation

Sheer Client

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