Logistics Firm vs. Logistics Partner: A Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

Companies that don’t have a dedicated logistics department don’t always have insight into how complex shipping their freight can be. Some of them, however, are aware of this shortcoming and, therefore, rely on big corporations with high brand/name recognition that they see as leaders in the transportation industry. Unfortunately, the biggest name in the business isn’t always the best partner for your company.

Instead of handing shipping responsibilities over to a brokerage firm, your company could benefit more from partnering with a consultant who understands the logistics of shipping your specific type of freight. At Sheer Logistics, we don’t come in and dictate how we’re going to ship your freight. We collaborate closely with you to determine the best approach, help you find carriers that best suit your needs, and help you handle as much of the operation as you want to.

Building a Better Mousetrap for Clients

Any professional working in transportation understands that the more complex your supply chain is, the more factors you’ll need to consider when looking at potential carriers. For instance, if you make a small product, how much should be shipped at a time? Shipping a less-than-full load could prove more expensive than you initially thought, and you could risk a loss if the carrier isn’t properly equipped to handle the small size of your freight.

Some carriers specialize in transporting certain types of products, while others are experts in handling different sizes of freight. Choosing the right providers can be confusing, which is why a logistics partner offers much more than just transportation. We share our expertise and apply it to helping clients determine which strategy works best for them and their unique situation.

To remain client-centric, our consultative approach focuses on three major factors:

1. Engagement

Sheer combines specialized expertise, advanced technology, and powerful analytics to help you streamline your shipping operations. Yet what truly sets us apart is our dedication to engaging strategically with our clients, which begins with an unique level of transparency.

As your consultants, we’re able to engage with you from a project management perspective. When you have complicated freight to ship — like shopping carts, for example — factors such as multiple drops and steepness in the road can make shipping a challenge. We add value by analyzing the entire project, leveraging our systems to find the most cost-efficient shipping methods, and participating as one of several different carriers.

2. Empowerment

Transparency and engagement also allow us to provide a diverse range of solutions that truly empower you to drive the process yourself as much as you wish. You can be more confident in the process when you know that operations are in your control, and we can leverage our services accordingly depending on your desired level of engagement.

Rather than take over the shipping aspects of your operations, we empower you to work with existing carriers and even procure new carriers that offer the best service. We also participate as a carrier, but at the same time, we give you the option to be in charge of tendering your own freight. Our service complements what your program already looks like, and it drives value by helping you save money and be more profitable while remaining in control.

3. Personalization

Giving clients options and power over their shipping processes is only possible thanks to our ability to personally qualify opportunity areas, which is driven by strategic reporting and analysis. We didn’t invent the wheel, and we don’t try to dictate which way you should turn it. Instead, we help you figure out how the wheel would work best for you.

The backbone of our versatility is the ability to provide business intelligence and technology that’s best in class. The difference is that we use our resources to deliver relevant data points in a manner that’s tailored to your specific business needs. That means delivering the information you need, when you need it.  Through our online portal, you can obtain real-time logistics data on carriers that are en route with your freight and receive real-time email notifications with customized updates.

The difference between working with a big-name firm and partnering with a more consultative company like Sheer is the customized approach that the big guys simply can’t provide. We’re consistently committed to engaging and empowering clients through excellent service, transparency, communication, and cost savings, regardless of their size.

Ready to team up with a true logistics partner? Contact us to discuss how Sheer can help you meet your transportation goals.