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A clear vision for enhancing your transportation management.

With Sheer as your third-party logistics provider, you’ll experience the clearest possible view of your logistics operations – from planning, procurement, and execution to management of your carrier network. We’re confident.
(You can be, too.)
Drastically reduced costs
Faster return on investment
Continuous improvement built on data
Real-time visibility and control

One partner. Plenty of ways to work.

We’ll adapt our global transportation and supply chain management solutions to your business. However you decide to partner with us, we’ll help you find peace of mind in an unpredictable market.

Fully Managed Transportation

We’ll provide technology, business intelligence, and resources while managing all of your carrier relationships. You’ll sit back and focus on the rest of your business.
100% us.

Partially Managed Transportation

You’ll manage a portion of your loads with contract carriers while we manage the rest, providing technology, intelligence, and resources along the way.
20% us. 80% you.
50% us. 50% you.
70% us. 30% you.
90% us. 10% you.

Just Technology and Support

We’ll integrate our TMS with your systems, helping you manage your own logistics and carrier network with cutting-edge technology and intelligence.
Just our TMS.

Powered by our Technology.

Sheer’s cost-effective, state-of-the-art transportation management system offers real-time transportation network visibility, analytical support and accountability to help you ensure value and performance.
  • Interactive dashboards and tracking maps
  • Timely reporting of critical events
  • Rate management
  • Custom alerts
  • Custom KPIs

What makes transportation management different at Sheer?

We’re more proactive.

Using real-time data and business intelligence, we’ll analyze and boost virtually every aspect of your logistics network before challenges come up.

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We’re not a carrier.

That means zero conflict of interest. We’ll be your advocate in competitive bidding, ensuring you get reliable carrier capacity at the right price.


We do our homework.

We’ll assess your current technology and process flows so we can recommend improvements that save time and money.


“When it comes to big strategy/supply chain management, Sheer is outstanding, possibly the best in the business.”

- VP of Supply Chain for a Sheer client

Let’s develop a plan for your business.