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With the right technology, you can measure anything and everything.

Best-In-Class Technology + Industry Expertise = Modern, Scalable Solutions

Companies that use a mix of emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls to manage their supply chains are due for an update. Technology represents a world of difference. It’s time to get rid of the inaccurate spreadsheets and ineffective shipping procedures that have impaired your logistics and shipping for so long—Sheer Logistics has a better way to organize your supply chains

With our MercuryGate TMS technology, you have instant access to:

  • Transportation costs
  • Internal efficiencies
  • Carrier performance
  • Powerful reporting tools

Need Help Shipping Internationally?

Cross-border shipping is easy with the right shipping partner. We simplify shipping to Mexico and Canada so you can reach new markets and take advantage of profitable new opportunities. This is just one way we add flexibility and intelligence to any supply chain.

Our transportation management solutions increase visibility, help you gain better control, and work to lower your freight and shipping costs.

We Can’t Make You Modernize

We can only show you that there is a more efficient world out there driven by powerful technology that is easy to use and understand. Sheer can help you seamlessly integrate it into your existing infrastructure and will be with you every step of the way.

What Is a TMS System?

Logistics management software includes specialized applications that streamline and improve a company’s ability to optimize cost and service structure while increasing visibility into an entire chain. 3PL software shows you where freight and shipments are all along the supply chain, what their status is, and when they can be expected at their destination. Best yet, every transaction, every contract signed, every mile driven generates data that can be analyzed and packaged to help your entire business make better informed strategic decisions. 

If you’re evaluating your need for a TMS for your logistics operations, here are some benefits of TMS to consider:

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Reduced freight costs – Cost-effective shipping processes are made easier to achieve with technology. A TMS allows you to not only compare carriers, but also assign carrier scorecards to ensure your freight is shipped by the best carrier at the lowest rate.

Better carrier management – Your TMS holds all contracts and can help you find consolidation and optimization opportunities to further reduce your freight spend. Through the TMS, you can streamline the onboarding process for new carriers, manage contracted rates, lower carrier risk by monitoring carrier performance, and quickly understand the market for your freight so you make sure you get the best deal.

Simplify planning and execution – Freight optimization starts with your TMS system. It does all the heavy lifting, from evaluating thousands of carrier alternatives in seconds to automating the tendering process to carriers, eliminating the inefficiencies and errors of a manual process.

Use data better – A TMS does more than store and plan—it also helps mine and evaluate data. In today’s world, data is power. Business intelligence is all about using data to learn about your business so you can easily find weaknesses, build on strengths, and make strategic decisions that have an immediate, lasting effect.

Improve service levels – Imagine being able to pinpoint delivery times or remedy a shipping issue in a matter of minutes. TMS systems give you the real-time visibility and control you need to digitally control your shipments and deliver the kind of immediate responses your customers have come to expect.

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