Sheer Logistics Client Success Story

Overcoming Logistics Challenges: How Sheer’s Managed Transportation Solutions Helped a Protein Processor Manage Rapid Sales Growth


In 2019, Sheer’s client, “GB Inc.,”* a fast-growing provider of ground beef for foodservice and retail, began experiencing unexpected sales increases. However, GB lacked the carrier relationships and technology infrastructure to manage the surge in sales. They had a relationship with a small 3PL but lacked a true TMS. To effectively manage their volumes, they needed a partner that could offer a comprehensive transportation and logistics management solution.

Challenges & Needs

Typically, increased sales are a good thing- but when a business lacks the resources, tools and partnerships to efficiently manage the increased shipment volume, challenges quickly emerge. This is exactly the situation GB faced. Prior to working with Sheer Logistics, GB managed the bulk of its transportation needs internally. However, as sales spiked, the GB leadership team recognized that to meet the current customer demand- and to position the company to profitably manage further anticipated sales growth- GB would need technology and an experienced logistics partner to support their transportation and logistics operations.


To address these challenges, GB selected Sheer Logistics as their Managed Transportation Services (MTS) partner and TMS provider. Leveraging SheerExchange, Sheer’s proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), the Sheer team was able to integrate GB’s disparate systems and sources of data and speed the implementation of the SheerTMS. The Sheer TMS provides GB with enhanced visibility, increased efficiency and empowers the management team with greater control over their transportation and logistics. The Managed Transportation Services partnership combining SheerExchange, SheerTMS and Sheer’s team of highly experienced logistics experts delivered the infrastructure GB needed to effectively manage their increased shipment volumes.

With the MTS partnership in place and the Sheer TMS up and running, the Sheer team sought to create additional value for GB. To optimize delivery routes and maximize utilization of existing capacity, Sheer brought new carriers into the network. To manage the additional shipment volume at the dock level, Sheer designed and implemented a dock scheduling solution to spread shipping activity across more days each week, minimizing congestion and further improving efficiency.

“There was a projected savings. The presentation of the savings more than covered the cost. It wasn’t like we were spending money. We were saving money.”



The implementation of Sheer’s solution had a significant impact on GB’s logistics operations. They were able to overcome their logistics challenges and effectively manage their spike in order volumes. Over the first two years of the engagement, GB saw gross savings of $2.1MM.

As anticipated, GB continued to see sales increases throughout 2020, and Sheer’s solution positioned them to effectively manage their volumes. With Sheer’s technology, GB gained visibility into their data and supply chain, which empowered the management team to make more informed decisions.

Sheer’s solution helped GB overcome their logistics challenges and position the business for future growth. The implementation of the Sheer TMS and the optimization of delivery routes and carrier relationships had a significant impact on GB’s logistics operations. They were able to effectively manage their volumes and gain visibility into their data and supply chain. As a result, they saw significant savings and were able to continue growing their business.


Industry: Fresh & Frozen Foods

Modes: Temp. Controlled TL & LTL

Annual Freight Spend: $25MM

Savings: $2.1MM in first two years of the engagement

Technology: No TMS prior to Sheer

Streamline Planning, Procurement, and Execution With Managed Transportation Services

To achieve an efficient supply chain for your business, you need a managed transportation partner that understands your shipping needs. Sheer Logistics provides comprehensive managed transportation services that improve visibility and business intelligence, allowing you to make informed decisions and focus on the core of your business.