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“Engineering Co.”* (EC) is a global leader in specialty materials manufacturing with multiple production facilities across the United States. Sheer first began serving Engineering Co.’s logistics and transportation needs on a limited basis in 2009. However, Engineering Co. started facing issues with its carriers, leading to administrative burden and cost uncertainty.

Challenges & Needs

EC’s carriers were giving loads back, cancelling loads, and providing inflated spot quotes, which created significant administrative burden and cost uncertainty. Given the highly competitive market for its products, EC could not risk adversely affecting its customer relationships through poor service. The efficiency of EC’s supply chain was further hampered by their reliance on an in-house TMS that required a significant investment of resources to utilize and maintain.

EC needed a transportation and logistics partner that could provide TMS and integration technology, strategic transportation solutions and strong execution while ensuring supply chain visibility, greater efficiency and cost savings.

“Before Sheer, we owned the TMS ourselves and we were insourced. That process was very labor intensive.”

- Director of Supply Chain Operations


Sheer initiated service as a broker to EC based on a willingness to serve its least-desired lanes. Sheer’s philosophy was to never fail or let the market prevent filling an order, even if it meant operating at a loss to ensure execution. Sheer leveraged its proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), SheerExchange, to facilitate the implementation of the Sheer TMS with custom integrations to third party tools for enhanced visibility and performance. SheerExchange provided critical data cleansing and normalization, empowering EC to achieve more accurate real-time visibility.



Specialty materials manufacturing



Annual Revenue


Services Provided

Engineering Co. transitioned from in-house freight and TMS management to Sheer TMS


Sheer’s solutions were critical to EC’s operations, helping them achieve improved on-time delivery, maintain customer relationships, and reduce administrative burden.

Sheer’s ability to handle EC’s least-desired lanes, provide price certainty, and ensure strong execution has made them a valuable partner. Sheer’s services have helped EC streamline their transportation and logistics processes, leading to cost savings, greater supply chain visibility and improved customer satisfaction.

Through the implementation of Sheer TMS, EC gained powerful and modern TMS technology, as well as the support of an expert operations team to facilitate day-to-day logistics execution.

As EC continues to grow and expand, they can rely on Sheer’s expertise and experience to help them navigate the volatile transportation and logistics landscape.

“The original project came in on time and considerably under budget.” 

- Director of Supply Chain Operations

“It would be very difficult for me to replace what Sheer does for me today.”

- Director of Supply Chain Operations

“Sheer’s acumen of our business is something that can’t be replaced.”

- Director of Supply Chain Operations

“If tomorrow Sheer wasn’t there for us, it could have catastrophic results.”

- Director of Supply Chain Operations

*The company name has been anonymized for the purposes of this case study.

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