When Should You Replace Your Transportation Management System?

Technology is how businesses of all industries and sizes support their operational goals, and your transportation management system is an important part of this. A TMS system influences virtually every part of an enterprise, from customer service to finance. If your business is growing, logistics is a key element. 

A good TMS system is constantly evolving, or at least it should be. This is how your environment stays secure and flexible in a rapidly changing marketplace. A good TMS provider keeps their product up to date. Unfortunately, some providers don’t do this, and like a phone provider or a managed IT service, if you start seeing signs they’re falling behind, it’s time to look for a new provider. 

This blog will go over some clues that your current TMS provider is falling short, the risks this brings to your business, and how to make the switch.

How To Tell When It’s Time To Move On From Your Outdated Transportation Management System

The technology behind most supply chain software on the market today was first designed 10 to 20 years ago, long before the current complexities of the marketplace developed. If your TMS is starting to fall behind, it’s because of these factors:

Integration – Life is simpler and operations are cheaper when you can confidently rely on one framework. One of the more common indicators that your TMS is inadequate is that it doesn’t work well with other software your business uses. Ideally, it should be compatible with everything, but if you run into issues and find you need to fix them with third-party applications, you’re paying extra costs that could be eliminated with a new system. It should be simple to onboard new customers and vendors, and if this process takes weeks or months, it isn’t nearly as efficient as it could be. 

Communication – A TMS is a communication platform, so a good system monitors and communicates issues all along the supply chain. If your team can’t provide real-time updates or stay informed about current conditions in their area, this will impact collaboration with your partners.

Lack of security updates – If your system is out of date, it’s at risk. Cybercriminals are growing more sophisticated with each attack, and up-to-date software is how you protect your system. Your TMS provider should offer constant security updates to protect your system and your data. 

Lack of optimization – Do you struggle when conditions change? A TMS enables you to recalculate routes, assess carriers, and move on to Plan B. If your TMS isn’t powerful enough to do this quickly and accurately, it’s time for a change. Planning and optimization in a modern TMS system have to take all real-world constraints and issues into account, and as conditions change, so should your TMS. 

Lack of support – Finally, if you find yourself spending a lot of time on the phone with vendor support, it’s time to change your TMS. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want to change configurations or add a custom window.

Implementing a Transportation Management System Is Easy With Sheer

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The MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS) is a powerful tool that automates the full transportation lifecycle, allows you to fully manage carrier contracts and scorecards, and delivers the granular data your business needs to grow. As an authorized MercuryGate partner, we have access to their entire suite of products and decades of experience with TMS implementations.

Our mission is to build trust and help our clients solve complex logistics issues. We offer supply chain consulting and business intelligence services that turn your logistics into an important advantage. Reach out to Sheer Logistics today for a free TMS assessment, and let’s develop a plan for your business.