How Accurate Logistics Data Changes Your Entire Business

Effective data analysis starts with digital logistics, and this blog will take a look at how big data in logistics can transform every corner of a company.

Big Data and Supply Chain Management Go Hand-in-Hand

Companies have always looked for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. But businesses of the past lacked powerful tools to accurately and automatically collect data, analyze it to find connections, and present these insights in a way that allows decision makers to see trends, forecast demands, and change procedures.

Create a Single Source of Truth

When they travel from one department to another, processes can break down. Even if they’re successful in getting the job done, completion is only half of the equation. Logistics data helps you understand how your company works—or why it doesn’t. Removing silos between departments makes all big data available to stakeholders for analysis and immediate and accurate decision-making. Stakeholders stay informed and collaborate in real time, so issues get resolved quickly.

Automation All Along the Supply Chain

Delivery systems and supply chains are a careful balance between over- and under-committing resources. If there are too many vehicles and resources assigned to one delivery route, then you’re spending more money than you have to, and you’re possibly expending assets that could be better used elsewhere. Underestimation means delivery times are late or not being made at all. Automation in the supply chain process means optimization, and the right logistics data analysis tools can accurately predict future needs so resources can be allocated properly. This kind of efficiency lowers costs and drives better practices throughout your company.

Look At Processes From a Different Angle

Old systems and outdated forecasting models simply won’t work in today’s changing markets. Modern supply chains require modern supply chain data solutions to analyze anomalies, look at changing customer patterns, see new demand signals, and accurately predict forecasts. Once your business does these things better, the benefits resonate throughout the company; vendors are paid on time, sales teams work from accurate delivery forecasts, inventory managers are more effective, and c-level decisions become more timely and impactful.

At Sheer Logistics, Information is Power

Compiling data is the first step, but the real value of information comes from an analysis that converts it into actionable insights to improve your business. Even businesses with limited resources can benefit from the data their organization generates every day. The issue is that it can be jumbled in a mess of spreadsheets, systems, databases, and processes separate from each other. The reality is that you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to leverage the same powerful business intelligence tools.

Better Data, Presented Visually, Leads to Action

What starts with collection and continues with analysis ends with effective, actionable reporting. Nobody wants to sift through stacks of numbers with no meaning. Even if they are reported visually, the reports have to be able to explain what the data says instead of simply showing the numbers. What is the point of logistics data analysis if the product can’t be understood? The best transportation management systems are ones that explain the data as well as collect it.

Reports shouldn’t be static documents that simply explain what happened. True data analysis gives future insight so companies have the edge they need to move quicker, plan better, and take advantage of opportunities that their competitors are most likely missing.

Valuable logistics data analysis can only come by integrating data sources.

Sheer Logistics provides the software tools you need to make your company better:

MercuryGate Transportation Management Systems

The MercuryGate Transportation Management System (TMS) is a powerful tool that automates the full transportation lifecycle, allows you to fully manage and control carrier contracts and scorecards, and delivers the granular data your business needs to improve and grow. Sheer Logistics is proud to be a MercuryGate Partner Integrator. This distinction makes us one of only a few companies that MercuryGate selects to implement their full suite of products.

SheerExchange Integration

We use our expertise to integrate the MercuryGate solution with every corner of your business. Think of SheerXchange as a universal translator that allows your TMS system to gather, interpret, and categorize supply chain analytics data across any format.

What Kind of Data Analysis is Your Company Doing?

When your company correctly uses data, it means dollars saved, less stress, better efficiency, and more customers. It’s difficult to measure the impact that data analysis has on your business. Luckily, you have a business partner that helps you make the most of it.

  • We tie data to your business goals.
  • We fully integrate your existing systems.
  • We analyze operational efficiencies.
  • We ensure that your data analysis strategy evolves as your business grows.

Simply put, we help you make the most of big data and supply chain management. Call us today for a free consultation, and let’s develop a data driven business intelligence plan for your business.