TMS Implementation Services

Our Enterprise-Level TMS Implementation Services Can Handle Any Shipping Need

As Certified MercuryGate Resellers, Sheer can get you up and running with your productive new tool in no time.

TMS Implementation Services to Improve Processes and Make Shipping More Efficient

At Sheer, our goal is to streamline and improve your logistics and supply chain through the use of transportation management software. One of the more important ways we do this is by taking a close look at how you use technology to accomplish your logistics. We take a team approach to your TMS implementation services, from discovery and integration to training and documentation. You gain access to our entire organization of transportation, technology, and logistics experts.

“When it comes to big strategy/supply chain management, Sheer is outstanding, possibly the best in the business.” 

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We Are Transportation and Technology Consultants

With Sheer, you get the best of both worlds. The foundation of our company is on the carrier end of freight transportation. Our industry experts have approached freight from a tactical perspective, which means figuring out how to safely and cost effectively get materials from point A to point B. 

To further enhance our value, we are also technology experts. We understand how important a TMS system is to a carrier, how it makes pickups more accurate, and how it documents an entire shipment so there are no questions about shipping discrepancies.

All of this combines into a deep understanding of the technologies your business needs to support your shipping and logistics. Finally, you have a customizable supply chain tool that expedites your freight, lowers your costs, and keeps everyone connected with unprecedented visibility into every aspect of your shipping.

Sheer Logistics provides a clear vision that enhances your transportation management. Our goal is to be your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner. Learn more about us or check out our philosophy and ethics.

A Higher Shipping IQ Means Better Results

We apply simple solutions and cutting-edge technology to solve complex logistics and shipping issues. Reach out to us today for a free freight analysis.

The TMS Implementation Services Plan–Aligned to Your Timeframe

The first step is a deep discussion of your operations, how often you ship, how the process works, what technology you currently use, who the major stakeholders are, and how our technology upgrade solves major pain points. This advance work will clarify how your enterprise TMS serves your business. From here, we have a solid foundation to build the transportation management system software environment that fully transforms your business. A successful TMS implementation doesn’t end with the first shipment either—Sheer Logistics is available to help your business integrate new technology with existing processes and expand it as your business grows.

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The Sheer Difference

Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.