Market Update: August 24, 2018

As we near September, we’re starting to see the annual retail surge, particularly on the West Coast, but we expect it to start affecting capacity in all regions soon. Capacity is going to tighten significantly for the upcoming Labor Day holiday. That coupled with the retail surge, we expect capacity to remain tighter for the rest of the year.

A Volatile Reefer Market

From FreightWaves – “Since the beginning of the year, the reefer tender rejection index for Houston (RTRI.HOU) shows dramatic increases and decreases in an almost predictable pattern. The overall reefer tender rejection has decreased significantly year to date, falling from a high of nearly 60% in the first quarter to a much more agreeable 33% in August. While this decrease in rejection rates over time would lead one to believe the market has stabilized, rejection rates are volatile each month in an observable pattern.”