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A truly end-to-end supply chain solution.

Measure anything and everything. Transportation costs. Internal efficiencies. Supplier performance. Industry trends. Our SheerExchange platform can provide a wealth of knowledge – and a wealth of opportunities.

Real-time view of logistics operations
Dynamic reporting
More informed decision making
Maximize opportunities, minimize risk
SheerExchange captures data throughout the order lifecycle, pulling from our Transportation Management System, your Enterprise Resource Planning System, and data from carriers, vendors, warehouses, and customs agencies.

We make sense of all of it on a single dashboard that provides a clear, comprehensive view of your logistics operations. Run custom analytics reports, act on insights, and build new capabilities for your business.

A snapshot of SheerExchange.

Think of SheerExchange as a universal translator, capable of interpreting and integrating data from best-in-class supply chain tools, across any format and language (so that you don't have to).

Fuel Program

SheerExchange consolidates data into a clear, visual representation of your end-to-end supply chain operations; providing real-time reporting so the right people can make informed decisions.

Smart dashboards.

  • Monitor processes
  • Run analytics
  • Act on insights
  • Build new capabilities
  • Set up custom alerts and KPIs

“What companies like ours care about is
accountability, accuracy and completeness—and
Sheer displays that.”

- Director of Logistics and Transportation for a Sheer client

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