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Measure anything and everything. Transportation costs. Internal efficiencies. Supplier performance. Industry trends. Check out our blog and other resources that can bring some clarity to your supply chain.

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Many businesses large and small make use of freight brokers, TMS providers, and supply chain management consultants. We represent a new breed of supply chain consultant and freight broker. Clients require intelligent solutions that are customized to their exact needs. Providers like Sheer are in high demand for businesses that want to modernize and streamline their supply chain networks because while we boast years of experience, a wealth of industry expertise, and a carrier network that has a global reach, we are scalable to individual needs

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We can help any business operate with intelligence to be more effective—the secret is that it doesn’t take monumental steps to create positive changes. Our business is based on knowledge and communication, and the resources on this page are intended to establish us as thought leaders who are capable of solving your most complex logistics and transportation issues.


Read up on news and trends in the world of TMS, supply chain management, and multi-modal freight.

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Trust is the foundation of any successful business partnership. Learn more about how we build and maintain that trust and why Sheer Logistics is the freight brokerage that helps you move your products faster and smarter.

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Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.