TMS Integration (SheerExchange)

Visibility, Data, Analytics, Take Charge of Your Logistics With TMS Integration Services

TMS Integration can be seamless and easy—Sheer Logistics is here to show you how.

When the Time Is Right to Expand Your Shipping Intelligence, Our TMS Integration Service Is a True End-to-End Solution

Transportation management software (TMS) is an important addition to any company’s freight system. Like any specialized business tool, it never operates in a vacuum. Part of the value of TMS software is its ability to integrate into your existing financial and customer management applications. While it starts as a centralized location for all carrier contracts, rates, and accessorial costs, your TMS system provides shipment visibility, data capture, and planning tools—all important elements for improving processes and lowering costs.

Sheer Logistics provides a clear vision that enhances your transportation management. Our goal is to be your trusted supply chain management and logistics partner. Learn more about us or check out our philosophy and ethics.

“When it comes to big strategy/supply chain management, Sheer is outstanding, possibly the best in the business.” 

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We Are a MercuryGate Partner Integrator

We are one of a select few logistics companies that MercuryGate trusts to implement and integrate its entire suite of products. It doesn’t matter to us how complex your business is or how much of a tangled mess your current supply chain processes are—Sheer Logistics is uniquely positioned to handle even the most complicated network integrations.

  • Real-time view of logistics operations
  • Dynamic, easy-to-use reporting
  • More informed decision making
  • Maximize opportunities, minimize risk

MercuryGate and SheerExchange Accommodate Your Business Model

As specific a tool as a TMS application is, MercuryGate is designed with unique business needs in mind. This allows it to integrate with and enhance the capabilities of a wide range of systems, from ERP products like SAP and Oracle to visibility applications such as Project 44 and FourKites. The missing element is an integration engine, and with us, that means SheerExchange. Think of SheerExchange as a universal translator that is capable of interpreting and integrating data from multiple tools across any format and through any language.

Let’s Develop a Plan for Your Business

With clear reporting and real-time data, SheerExchange consolidates your information into actionable insights you can use to streamline processes and lower shipping costs. Our TMS integration services should be an important element of any logistics improvement plan.

Smart Dashboards Deliver Total Control

Monitor Processes – The visibility you gain from our transportation management system software allows you to drill down and monitor individual processes. 

Run Analytics – Take your most granular data, look behind the numbers, and gain knowledge about how those numbers are created.

Act on Insights – The end result of granular analytics is the ability to act on what you have learned and use this knowledge to improve your processes.

Build New Capabilities – When you understand how your logistics truly works, you have the tools to expand and enhance what you can do. 

Set Up Custom Alerts and KPIs Enterprise TMS software is customizable to your needs, which means you are notified when the data hits a certain threshold.

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