Client Success Story

Driving Efficiencies Through Integration


Sheer Logistics’ client, a multinational beauty company (“MBC”*) is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of beauty and personal care products. The company operates in over 150 countries and has a portfolio of 36 international brands. MBC has three distinct sales channels: retail, wholesale, and e-commerce. As a result, the company’s logistics operations are complex, involving multiple transportation modes, vendors, and geographic locations.

Challenges & Needs

MBC was looking for a logistics partner who could help it optimize its transportation network, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. Additionally, the company needed a partner who had deep domain expertise in its proprietary operating systems and could seamlessly integrate with its SAP financial systems.


Sheer Logistics developed a deep understanding of MBC’s logistics operations and technical framework. Leveraging SheerExchange, Sheer’s proprietary Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), the Sheer team was able to integrate MBC’s disparate systems and suppliers. Sheer implemented the Sheer TMS, starting with inbound suppliers, and gradually expanded the implementation to cover other areas. Sheer established no fewer than 50 unique integration points around the Transportation Management System, enabling efficiencies and time and cost savings throughout the company’s transportation network.

“One thing Sheer did is that they had a very good comprehension of the system. They were able to do a lot of configurations. A lot of things that other providers could not.”

“When an expectation was put out there… they delivered.”


As a result of Sheer’s partnership, MBC has been able to optimize its transportation network, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. Sheer’s integration with the company’s SAP financial systems has enabled cost-to-serve integration, accrual calculations, and uplifts that are fed back to the company’s financial systems. Additionally, Sheer’s automation of load optimization and mode-shift has led to significant efficiencies in the company’s transportation network, with 99% of the company’s Canadian operations and 75% of its US operations running through some level of automated workflow.

Sheer Logistics’ deep domain expertise and technical knowledge of MBC’s logistics operations have enabled the company to provide customized supply chain solutions to one of its major clients. Sheer’s seamless integration with the company’s SAP financial systems and its implementation of various transportation management systems have led to significant efficiencies and cost savings throughout the company’s transportation network. Sheer’s long partnership with MBC is a testament to its commitment to providing customized supply chain solutions to its clients, including those in the retail, wholesale, and ecommerce channels.


Since the implementation of Sheer TMS, Sheer has expanded the scope of services and solutions it provides to MBC:

  • CPD/LPD/PPD/ Salon Centric using the SHIPMNT06 IDOC
  • Cost to Serve integration back into SAP financial systems
  • ORDERS05 Integrations for both WISE and FUSION to capture PO and GL coding
  • Integrations with Syncada using 858 US Bank standard
  • OMA WISE 4500 integrations to capture final inbound loads
  • Break Through Fuel Integration
  • Integration with the Canada SAP instance for outbound loads
  • FEX integration with US SAP instance to capture Inbound Canada loads
  • Accrual calculations and uplifts that are fed back to SAP financial systems
  • Forwarder integrations in Europe and Mexico managing multiple currencies EUR, USD, and CAD
  • Automation of Load Optimization and Mode-Shift based upon predefined rules and routing
    instructions – 99% of Canada and 75% of USA shipments running through some level of
    automated workflow
  • Vendor Inbound Management process implementation, including onboarding, support,
    and data interrogation
  • PARCEL using DELVRY03 and EDI 240 message sets

*The company name has been anonymized for the purposes of this case study.

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