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Clear customs without missing a beat.

Transporting goods across the border is a complex process for both the importers and exporters. Challenges range from tiresome paperwork and customs to multiple carriers as well as weather and security threats. These should not add to your worries as you seek to move your goods across the border. Sheer offers brokerage and 3PL services for your cross-border logistics as you concentrate on other productive activities.

Bilingual & Bicultural Operations Support

Customs Consulting


Portal Tracking


Kitting, Repacking, & Labeling

Huge Network of Carriers

24/7 Support


Ready to streamline your cross-border operations?

Boots-on-the-Ground Support

When choosing your brokerage and logistics firm, you want a company that ensures convenience, security, and safety of your freight. At Sheer, we understand the importance of having a team on-site where the action happens.

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    Laredo based team with local expertise on the border

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    Bilingual sales and operations in both the USA & Mexico

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    24/7 support (we understand urgent shipments can’t wait)

In 2017, exports and imports totaled $276.2 billion and $339.8 billion respectively between the United States and Mexico.U.S. Trade Representative

Northbound and Southbound Services

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    Door-to-door & last mile service

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    Trailer pooling capability

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    An extensive and proven carrier network

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    Source to destination shipment visibility and tracking via online portal

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    Proper Product Classification US/MX Customs (Determine Duties, Taxes and Special Permits)

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    C-TPAT certification

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