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Logistics is always changing. It seems that every new year brings new supply chain challenges, and advanced technologies to meet them. Sheer Logistics is a modern freight brokerage, 3PL, and business intelligence firm that combines experience and technology to optimize your supply chain and turn logistics into a powerful business advantage.

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Sheer Logistics is completely unique. We don’t stop at shipping brokerage or technology integration. We analyze and learn what you need most so we can craft a plan to improve the way you approach logistics.

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Sheer helps you build a better supply chain. We take your business goals and make them our own. Through decades of logistics experience, we find smarter, cost effective ways to ship. When supply chains seem to have more complications than solutions, we bring forward thinking and the latest TMS technology to integrate logistics throughout your enterprise.

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Data tells a story. It acts as a record of the decisions you made and guides the decisions you are going to make. Data makes a difference to business and it takes an intelligent freight management consultant to unlock its full potential.

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At Sheer, we’ve learned that the best way to lower shipping costs and increase efficiency is through technology. Data is the oil of the 21st century, and the technology we provide makes sure your well is always producing.

We’re Committed to Our Clients

We take decades of freight brokerage and supply chain management experience and combine it with top-of-the-line transportation management software.

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Sheer has the resources and logistics experience to deploy a TMS solution that fits your unique requirements.

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A key element of our platform is our freight management services. They enable critical optimization, visibility, and control of all shipping operations.

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Combining best-in-class technology with advanced logistics expertise, Sheer drives unparalleled efficiency.

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Our freight services are built on lasting relationships. With access to hundreds of carriers, we work hard to match our clients with the right logistics option.

Consumer Products Case Study

When large companies need to reduce costs, even the slightest changes can make a big impact. Here’s how we gave our client the tools they needed to accurately figure their total cost of transportation.

Food Service Case Study

When a business needs to automate processes, the answers lie in technology and processes.


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