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At Sheer, we are problem solvers. We help businesses manage their shipping, modernize their supply chains, and perhaps most importantly, we make sure your business data works for you.

Technology is the future of logistics. Many shippers control their supply chains through spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. While this may be the way it’s been done for years, the reality is that these systems are inaccurate, unreliable, and prone to human error. We use technology to help businesses of any size in any industry gain an advantage in crowded marketplaces. Here are some of the major applications we use to modernize supply chains and logistics.

“When it comes to big strategy/supply chain management, Sheer is outstanding, possibly the best in the business.” 

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MercuryGate TMS

As a cloud-based transportation management system, MercuryGate is the gold standard of visibility, control, and innovation. With MercuryGate, you have a customizable multimodal transportation platform that supports your business.

No other TMS partner has Sheer’s level of expertise when it comes to MercuryGate TMS software. Our team is composed of former programmers and developers from MercuryGate, meaning we have unique insight into how a TMS application will integrate with your systems. We also offer unparalleled training so your staff can hit the ground running and knowledgeable support so you have maximum uptime.

MacGregor eBOL

The bill of lading serves as the title of a shipment. This was once always a paper document, but now comes in a streamlined digital form. MacGregor is at the forefront of contactless eBOL technology, and their solutions address both fulfillment and transportation. Their systems deliver real-time warehouse information, driver location data, and documentation to stakeholders all along the supply chain.

As a Sheer partner, MacGregor’s technology is a perfect solution for businesses that need to make improvements and reduce costs across their supply chains.


Tableau is all about solving business problems. As a market-leading choice for modern business intelligence, Tableau makes it easier for organizations to use and understand data. Business intelligence starts with analytics, but in order for the data to translate into action, it needs to be organized, stored, and understood. We use Tableau to help companies maximize the value and the impact of their data.

Modern data solutions require cloud computing. Snowflake allows users to integrate, analyze, store, and share data securely. A single cloud platform gives users at all levels access to information that supports data-driven decisions. Snowflake represents a truly modern way to share and secure data, and Sheer makes these advantages work for businesses of any size.

It’s difficult to efficiently get products from point A to point B using outdated manual methods. Parade AI takes carrier management to a whole new level, matching shippers with carriers through data analysis instead of random chance or favoritism. We use Parade solutions to book carriers faster, match carriers to the right loads, and strategically manage supply chains.

Effective supply chain management means full visibility. When businesses can see issues in real time, they can redirect and plan better in the future. Project 44 uses visibility of the entire shipment cycle to unlock efficiency and lower costs. Data needs to be reliable, and through automation tools like Project 44, Sheer delivers the visibility and control businesses need to improve their entire supply chain.

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