Atlanta Logistics Services

Sheer Logistics in Atlanta, Georgia, is a third-party logistics provider that customizes services to your exact needs.

Atlanta Transportation Management Services

The metro Atlanta area is one of the most important trade and transportation hubs in North America. The Atlanta region’s dominance of southern transportation started with an extensive railway system and continues today at the convergence of three major highways. When you consider that Atlanta’s airport is one of the busiest in the country, it’s only natural for Sheer Logistics to establish a presence there.

Our goal is to be a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that’s also a complete resource for our customers for business intelligence and freight brokerage. Atlanta allows us to expand our reach and serve businesses in the south and on the east coast

We serve all of North America with multimodal transportation and shipping consulting.

Chesterfield, Missouri

Alpharetta, Georgia

Laredo, Texas (Cross-border operations)

Guadalajara, Mexico (Cross-border operations)

A 3PL Atlanta Can Count On

At Sheer Logistics, we help you get the most out of data. Business intelligence combines accurate data collection, razor-sharp analytics, secure storage, and proven experience to influence resource-saving decision-making.

One Partner, Endless Logistics Solutions

Sheer builds trust through real-world supply chain management solutions.

If it is inefficient, if it costs more than it should, or if it just isn’t working, we make it work.

  • Managed Transportation Solutions

    By partnering with a professional logistics service provider, shippers improve their logistics and supply chains through efficiency and lower costs. Managed transportation means shippers can effectively communicate and coordinate with stakeholders all along the supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Network Design

    Technology is the key to solving the complex supply chain issues that modern businesses face. It can bypass slow-downs, improve delivery times, and find carriers that make sense for every shipment. Sheer can craft a network to optimize your processes.

  • Freight Claims Management

    Sheer approaches claims management as an essential element of a complete managed transportation service with the goal of successfully resolving disputes and freight claims. Our combined years of logistics experience help us navigate complicated claims with the latest TMS technology to give you the visibility you need for every claim and every shipment.

  • Freight Analytics and Reporting

    Every stakeholder, from the c-suite to warehouse managers, needs to be able to understand the information given to them and use it to make adjustments, drive strategy, and lower costs through efficient management. Sheer provides clarity in analytics and reporting.

  • Atlanta Freight Brokerage

    Sheer looks for multi-modal, outside-of-the-box solutions to get your products where they need to go. Regardless of what you need to ship, we take the time to understand your requirements, leverage our extensive system of global carriers, and find an affordable freight management solution.

  • Supply Chain Consulting

    A partnership with Sheer Logistics will unlock your business’s potential. Our solutions make your supply chains more efficient, allowing you to deliver products faster and at a lower cost.

  • Business Intelligence

    Data is power and at Sheer, we harness that power to your greatest advantage. Through cutting-edge logistics technology, we build automated systems that accurately collect and analyze logistics data to improve processes and reduce costs.

  • Freight and Logistics Consulting

    At Sheer, we believe that your supply chain is one area of your business that can easily transform from a weakness that is difficult to explain and even harder to improve to a powerful asset that can develop into your company’s greatest advantage. We apply years of transportation experience, the best possible technology, and proven processes to lower costs and improve efficiency.

  • Intermodal Freight

    Through our Atlanta logistics center, Sheer can incorporate intermodal shipping services as an integral part of any shipping and logistics strategy.

  • The Right Atlanta Logistics Service

    When you partner with Sheer Logistics, you gain an ally that cuts the fat from your logistics strategy, replaces ineffective spreadsheets with real TMS technology, and turns your logistics from a problem to an asset.

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The Sheer Difference

Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.