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Headquartered at the crossroads of the Lower 48 in Chesterfield, Missouri, Sheer Logistics is a modern 3PL that delivers supply chain solutions, freight brokerage services, and business intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country.

We make shipping easier, and with locations around the United States and Mexico, we give companies the tools they need to expand their reach and get their products where they need to be throughout North America.

We serve all of North America with multimodal transportation and shipping consulting.

Chesterfield, Missouri

Alpharetta, Georgia

Guadalajara, Mexico (Cross-border operations)

Partner With a Logistics Consultant That Gets Results

Lasting business relationships are rooted in transparency, good faith, and zero conflicts of interest. Our goal is to remove the confusion between shippers and carriers and work to create lasting partnerships.

One Partner, Endless Logistics Solutions

Our mission is to build trust. The world of shipping and logistics is continually changing. New issues seem to emerge at the worst possible times, but fortunately, new technology rises to meet these challenges. This is what Sheer Logistics does. We combine technology with proven industry best practices to solve countless shipping and logistics issues for our clients.

If it is inefficient, if it costs more than it should, or if it just isn’t working, we make it work.

  • Supply Chain Network Design

    To solve today’s supply chain network design challenges, you need a smart 3PL that can balance the interpretation of raw data with real-world industry knowledge. Sheer Logistics is the supply chain partner that will modernize your supply networks and revolutionize how you do business.

  • Carrier Management

    When a truck shows up to pick up or deliver a load for your customer, regardless of the logo on the side of the trailer, that truck represents your business. Sheer understands this critical fact, which is why we’ve developed comprehensive reports to quickly and effectively measure carrier performance.

  • Freight Analytics and Reporting

    Shipping and logistics can be easier with the right technology and expertise. Sheer Logistics is the key to unlocking the insights and intelligence that are hiding behind your data. We are a data analytics and Tableau consultant that seamlessly integrates transportation analytics into your daily shipping routines. Let us show you how simple logistics can be.

  • Freight Brokerage

    Regardless of what you need to ship, we take the time to understand your requirements, leverage our extensive system of global carriers, and find an affordable freight management solution.

  • Supply Chain Consulting

    Sheer Logistics provides the most cost-effective and efficient solutions backed by the latest supply chain technologies. We aim to solve your transportation issues, develop real answers to tangible problems, and establish permanent procedures that elevate your logistics to become one of your core strengths.

  • Business Intelligence Consulting

    Most BI functions happen on a smaller scale. An employee sees an inefficiency and fixes it. But the real power of BI is improving processes across your enterprise. This is where a business intelligence expert like Sheer Logistics can provide the most value. We help you connect the diverse areas of your business with self-service analytics, interactive reporting, and embedded BI that does the work for you in real time.

  • Transportation Management Systems and Integration

    Technology represents a world of difference. It’s time to get rid of the inaccurate spreadsheets and ineffective shipping procedures that have impaired your logistics and shipping for so long. Sheer Logistics has a better way to organize your supply chains.

  • Cross-Border Logistics

    Sheer Logistics is an important partner for any shipper looking for a cost-effective and efficient way to get their shipments to Mexico or from Mexican suppliers. We eliminate most, if not all, of the complexity involved and turn what can be a confusing process into a routine transaction.

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The Sheer Difference

Our mission is to build trust, use our brainpower for the best interests of every customer, and always deliver extraordinary results. Let’s Think Logistically.