Supply Chain Solution Trends for 2022

Supply Chain Management Hot Topics

2021 was a landmark year for freight and logistics. The industry started to recover from driver shortages and the impact of the global pandemic, but there were also a handful of events that exposed how fragile most supply chain systems are. 

This blog will look at the major supply chain solutions and trends for 2022 and how a dedicated transportation manager and supply chain consultant can modernize your logistics.

Circular Supply Chains and Other Green Initiatives

Everything is going green—even supply chains. Businesses need to source materials and transport goods, and these are important opportunities to eliminate waste and reduce costs. The rising costs of raw materials and the volatility involved with sourcing them are forcing companies to examine how they use and reuse these materials to make their products. Looping a supply chain protects a company against rising costs and unpredictability. Businesses with sustainable practices can also receive incentives for increased recycling efforts from the government and consumers who prefer sustainable products. 

More Agile Logistics

Recent events have shown that supply chains are very fragile things and that relying on careful timing to keep costs low is much riskier than initially thought. Markets have also been highly unstable in recent years, and a supply chain designed to handle a small amount of demand will struggle to adapt to wider swings. This uncertainty has led to more businesses taking a flexible approach to logistics. Elasticity means the entire supply chain can expand or shrink in response to market conditions with minimal disruption and little impact on cost. Greater flexibility means businesses are more stable and can remain competitive regardless of how the market acts. 

Better Visibility in Every Supply Chain

Full visibility of a company’s supply chain can improve its brand image. The shifting nature of global trade and corporate requirements means companies will have to report on the impact their supply chains have on job creation, how they source materials, and the modes of transportation used. 

Blockchain Tools To Handle Information

With visibility growing as a concern, traditional ways of storing and accessing information will need to evolve to use blockchain technology. Blockchains are a supply chain management hot topic, and while they sound great, few people know what they are. In a blockchain, all components of a supply chain are incorporated into a single platform. This platform can be used by carriers, forwarders, and logistics providers to update shippers about items in real-time. This is a streamlined system, and supply chain managers can proactively identify and handle issues before they grow. 

Data Collection and Analysis 

Information is how businesses improve. The distinctions between a modern business and a traditional one are many, but one critical aspect of a modernized business is how it stores and uses the enormous amounts of data generated each day. Even companies with limited resources can benefit from business intelligence, and shipping and logistics are one area where information can make a big difference. 

Intelligent Freight Management Through Technology

From the use of AI to the Internet of Things, new technology improves the way you do business. Real-time information is vital to meet customer service demands, minimize downtime, and increase efficiency across your entire enterprise. 

How does freight management make your company better? Our complete guide to freight management is your introduction to what an experienced logistics provider can deliver, including lower costs, intelligent shipping, and flexible supply chains that support your entire organization. Business intelligence is crucial to fully manage and streamline your supply chains. Sheer Logistics is a professional technology and knowledge resource that drives intelligent, efficient supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Partners Are Becoming Essential

Constant improvement is the key to all business processes, and your shipping and logistics are no different. 2021 was a slow recovery from the pandemic, and businesses everywhere are reexamining their processes and embracing new trends in supply chain management as a result. 

Fortunately, Sheer has years of practical industry experience, so there’s little we haven’t seen before. In fact, 2022 looks to be an exciting year for logistics and supply chains across the globe. Are you ready for next year? Reach out to us today, and we can get you there.